Good essay sentences

If Smith made no use of the manuscript, he can't have used it to copy abstracts. The sentence structure is grammatically sound and flows well. Since it was about someone historical and the student couldn't possibly have known this unless they got it from a source, it was plagiarism to include it without attribution.

Because the argument took so long, Smith lost. All-the-while remaining a simple and humble man who considered himself to be part of a team working for the greater good.

Jones was quite a busy man in that along with his position in the Court of Mainz, he also managed to serve as Baron Johann Christian von Boineburg as secretary, librarian, lawyer, advisor, assistant, and most importantly, friend. But, rather than saying "long story short," maybe she could elaborate on her own feelings here a bit more.

I have seen this written in so many essays and so have examiners. These may be used as ideas for new works. Game A with more frequent peaks and less-pronounced valleys is the better, more interesting game.

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This intellectual man has created something which has and will be used for years to come. A good game will be as exciting each time it's played as it was the first time.

Here are some suggestions for ways to use this resource effectively. But long periods of relatively low tension must be avoided in any game. A century is not a place, it is a section of time. It is a pronoun without an antecedent.

Having done all of that, the final element — and final sentence in your essay — should be a "global statement" or "call to action" that gives the reader signals that the discussion has come to an end.

They should have simply said "Elizabeth gave birth Smith may have been a genius, but to blow that up to "one of the greatest geniuses that ever lived" is hyperbole. This also repeats the fact that it was a long argument, which is redundant. It is Smith Senior once, and Smith senior another time.

This is overused in introductions. After no sign of recovery, a lawyer was summoned to the manor.

Reflective essay

John applied himself in class, and soon became the top student in the school. Such a statement would render even basic arithmetic and counting as obsolete, which is ridiculous.

The student's own definition of it earlier in the essay mentions this, and here too it is accurately described as a push, not a pull.

One does not speak orally in a publication. She got angry and shouted at the teacher. Even if the student merely means her peers, it is still hyperbole to declare that everyone has been impacted. Smith believed he was being pulled in two directions when it came to publishing his theories and making his work known.

The famed American inventor rose to prominence in the late 19th century because of his successes, yes, but even he felt that these successes were the result of his many failures. The Praxis® Study Companion 6 Step 1: Learn About Your Test and grammatical relationships, and in idiomatic expressions or word choice.

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Conceptual artists are mystics rather than rationalists. They leap to conclusions that logic cannot reach. Rational judgements repeat rational judgements.

How to write a Reflective essay? This type of essay is aimed to reflect a personal event or experience of the essay author. The main condition is that it has to be a certain personal experience on which the author has his very own perception.

Good essay sentences
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